At Microdata, we use the best novel technologies to tackle major district cooling systems, by propelling energy optimization through real time logging, monitoring, and simulation of network data and performance parameters. Data is gathered and assimilated from 720 transducers and made accessible to the clients via smart and interactive dashboards. Data retrieval is non-invasive and does not intrude in the running systems. Data is uploaded to a cloud, where calculations are done to compute the energy flows and losses in various locations and processes.



Dashboards of District Cooling systems are tailor made for the Management and Operation staff of the district cooling plant. The dashboards present sensitive real time performance data in a manner which most suits the user. They reveal key insights into the operation of the plant which leads to recognition of loss-making areas and overall performance problems of the system. Based on process defined limits, alarms and notifications are given to relevant users as alerts. Business Intelligence (BI) reports can be extracted from the system for management use.


District Cooling System Dashboard


Energy Transfer Station Dashboard



A team of offshore Engineers having expertise in technical computer simulation use previously procured data to create an explicit computer simulated model of the complete process / plant. We use high end Electrical / Mechanical / Chemical Simulation software for modelling. (Typically Aspen-One, ETAP, MATLAB, ANYSYS, HYSYS, MITAB etc.). ASPEN TECH software tackles the most complex process manufacturing challenges, creating value and improving profitability for customers. The industries that drive our economies and touch our lives are optimized by Aspen-ONE software every day. ASPEN HYSYS is the energy industry’s leading process simulation software, providing comprehensive solutions for upstream production, gas treating and processing, refining and safety analysis.

Centrifugal pumps are used to pump pure water for various purposes. Primary pumps are used to pump water returning from user ETS into chiller. Secondary pumps are used to pump chilled water from the chiller to the users. Condenser pumps are used to supply flow from the cooling towers to the chiller.

Data for all equipment is analysed and simulated simultaneously to obtain respective efficiencies. Predictions are made regarding operability of the equipment and they are verified by comparing with actual operating conditions. Simulation reveals concealed performance parameters which are otherwise not understood to be critical. The end result is the correction of under performing and inefficacious equipment which leads to new operational vision and strategy, which is cost cutting and profit driven.


Simulation of Pumps on Dashboard


Back end Support

A backend support service guarantees customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty by providing prompt service 24/7. Backend support helps in solving on the spot exigencies, and in providing prompt solutions for the clients.

Off-shore engineers with prowess in solving technical issues are always at hand to address any queries or problems of the operation staff of the District Cooling Plant. Providing support is the chief area in which we have attained proficiency through innovative techniques and immense experience. Advise is offered regularly and operating KPIs are always monitored to identify and rectify any deviations in plant operating efficiency.